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Year with Uber 2016

For the first time ever, riders could see how they moved through the year with Uber in the ridesharing industry's first year-in-review experience


The Year in Review campaign is meant to establish the brand as a reflection of everyday culture. The center piece of the campaign in 2016 was a digital experience, powered by the Uber API. Riders could request a dynamic, personalised summary of their year, visualising data such as total trips taken, distance travelled, most frequent time of travel and trips during key ‘city moments’ like public holidays.


This data-driven, user-centric brand moment put Uber firmly in the seasonal spotlight alongside other well-known and well-loved consumer tech brands, while displaying superior product and technology over other ridesharing players.

The campaign appeared in 50+ global, regional and local titles including Mashable, mUmbrella, Business Times, TNN 24 (broadcast, Thailand), The Drum and Marketing Magazine, and improved intent to ride across 55% of users who visited the experience