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Integrated policy, communications and marketing campaign, launched to lead the congestion narrative and crowdsource advocacy



Manila suffers from the worst traffic congestion in the world, with traffic jams costing the Philippine economy P2.4 billion pesos ($57 million) a day in potential income (source)


New Philippine President Duterte called out traffic congestion as a national priority in his first 100 days. Regulatory authorities viewed Uber as part of the problem in causing congestion, and responded by putting the brakes on new Transport Network Vehicle Service permits (i.e. supply caps)


Uber Philippines launched #SolveTraffic, a three week initiative to drive education on the impact of ride-sharing against congestion, raise awareness on uberPOOL as an alternative to private car ownership, and navigate the discussion for better ridesharing regulations


In three months of launch, more than 120,000 people in Metro Manila shared a ride, helping reduce 1,500,000 vehicle KM, equivalent to 71,000 litres of fuel and 166,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide. These hard-hitting facts were translated into a 60-second TVC. 

As key stakeholders in the discussion, rider and driver-partner testimonials were featured on full-page print ads, and billbaords around the Congress of the Philippines, highlighting ride-sharing an immediate solution to decongest Metro Manila.

01_PrintAd_PhilippineStar_29.75cm x 52cm3_Kahna.jpg
01_PrintAd_PhilippineStar_29.75cm x 52cm2_Michael.jpg
01_PrintAd_PhilippineStar_29.75cm x 52cm4_Gregory.jpg

Campaign message deployed within the Uber application interface during pick-ups requested at The Congress of the Philippines, House of Representatives.


Adaptive promos, in response to number coding and the Odd-Even program, (a government initiative to reduce vehicular volume at key highways during rush hour) reinforced the campaign message. 


Culminating to a call-to-action to urge the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to support ride-sharing. 


#SolveTraffic marked the beginning of the conversation on the battle against congestion. The supply caps were lifted shortly after, with thousands of advocates, including the Department of Transporation (DOTr), taking to social media to advocate ride-sharing as the solution.