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Copy of New city? Same Uber

Uber’s first regional occasion-based campaign to increase adoption and saliency across the Airports use case. Resulting in increased airport trips up to 200% in participating markets



One of our biggest opportunities across APACx approx 40M trips. 


Riders throughout the region feels that Uber is expensive and unreliable in pick-up points.

Thus, they prefer to pre-book their transportation when traveling.


A xFN campaign bringing together business and consumer insights while  balancing creativity and functional messaging across 8 cities in APAC


Product Demo Videos to showcase the ease and simplicity of requesting an Uber at dedicated pick-up points at local and international terminals


Contextual OOH advertisements in local and domestic airports in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur

Airport IMC VA - 1.jpg
Airport IMC VA - 2.jpg
Airport IMC VA - 3.jpg
Airport IMC VA - 4.jpg
LED Pillar Screens 1.gif
LED Pillar Screens 5.gif
LED Pillar Screens 6.gif